Wood is one of the most common building materials in the world but is susceptible to damage from termite infestations and contact with water. Staining is an effective method of protecting wooden items from external hazards, but homeowners may lack the skills and equipment to do a thorough job, leaving their wooden structures and belongings unprotected. 

Apex Deck Savers saves more than decks, offering staining for all types of wooden objects and installations, including but not limited to garden gnomes, gazebos, playsets, and wishing wells. 

Why Choose Apex Deck Savers?

We are experts in deck cleaning and restoration who go the extra mile in our specialized services. Our technicians accept the challenge of other staining projects, where no task is too challenging to handle. We offer the same level of staining dedication and expertise to any wooden surface that requires a touch-up or new coating for a renewed appearance. 

Our list of specialized services include:

  • Deck Staining

    We not only have the experience and can clean and stain various outdoor wood but we have worked with customers from all walks of life, through various projects of all sizes, to acquire leading expertise in wood staining processes.

  • Deck Restoration

    Our team is experienced and insured to provide quality staining service with non-toxic and odorless wood stains for optimal results. 

  • Deck Staining

    Apex DeckSavers is your reliable wood staining specialist, providing stunning results, every time, without exceptions.

Apex Decksavers is your trusted ally in deck cleaning and maintenance, guaranteed to exceed all expectations.

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