Try as I might, it’s hard to put a price on the compliments and enjoyment you will receive entertaining and relaxing on your beautifully restored deck. And since our number one mission is your satisfaction, the value all of us at Apex DeckSavers place on you as a customer is priceless.

Servicing your deck is more than just applying a coat of stain–we will take into account all the variables. Including age of the wood, previous finishes, plant protection, cleaning requirements, and repair needs. Although your decision to use the best deck restoration firm in Central NC should be an easy one, just give me a call at 919-302-1523 and I’ll be glad to meet you on-site for a free evaluation at your convenience.

If you’re looking for a $99 deck cleaning or even a $499 deck job, we are not the company for you. If you can’t wait to see your deck look like never before, and you know you deserve the BEST, welcome aboard! I look forward to hearing from you.

*For small projects, due to multiple trips required to clean and stain our job minimum pricing is $600. 

Other Questions:

Please feel free to give us a call or shoot an email if you have any other concerns or questions regarding our wood restoration services.